Raindrop Foundation Strongly Condemns Terror Attacks In Turkey


We strongly condemn terrorist act in Turkey.Three suicide bombers strike Istanbul Ataturk airport. 36 killed and 80 wounded.Our prayers with the victims of this horrific attack and their families and friends. 

Police reportedly believe Isil was behind attack. Officers shot at suspects in international arrivals hall. Fourth suicide bombing in Turkey this year.Third busiest airport in Europe, high security location. Istanbul-Ataturk airport is the third busiest European airport, with 61.8 million passengers in total in 2015.
Annual Neighborhood Iftar dinner

neighborhood iftar 3Annual Neighborhood Iftar dinner was held at Raindrop Turkish House on June 18th, Saturday.  “Living together” was the theme of this year’s gathering.  An amazing diverse group includes 300 people from all over the world was there including US Congressman, Texas State Representative, Gene Wu, Al Green city Houston Council member, Mike Laster, and Fortbend ISD Board member KP George.  

The programs started with welcome remark by Filiz Camuz, E.D. of  RAWA Houston  and Mahmut Gok, ED. of  Embrace  Relief  Foundation SW.  Keynote speech was given by Dr. Dogan Koc, Executive Director of Gulen Institute at University of Houston.   “Living together is an art of living together with your family, with your neighbors, with people in your city, nation and finally living together with the whole world in a harmony and peace” said Dr. Koc in speech.  

Raindrop Foundation Houston hosted Annual Friendship and engagement iftar dinner with local government officials

local goverment 8The Annual Friendship and Engagement Iftar Dinner  for local government officials, peace officers, other public servants and their families has held on Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 at the Turquoise Center. 

Raindrop Foundation Strongly Condemn Terror Attacks In Orlando

unnamedOn behalf of Raindrop Foundation, we strongly condemn the barbaric act of violence, hate and brutal attack. The violence attack reveals nothing but clear blindness and intent to cause conflict and sow the seeds of hate and mistrust in this country. It is acts like this that should make us more alert and mindful of the existence of dangerous minds out there that could go to the worse and lowest behavior. 
Islam equates the killing one innocent person to killing humanity, and prescribes eternal hell for such an action. 
If any Muslims are joined to or associated with terrorism and anarchy, it is because they do not understand Islam correctly and because the existing realities in their countries to do not allow them to acquire a correct understanding. But the roots of these causes can be traced only to cultural, economic, and other related reasons’ not to Islam. In light all of these whatever suspect did is related to his disconnected, paranoid, aloof, belligerent and schizoid  behaviors not to his religion.  The attacker does not represent any religion or faith but only a blind hate for anyone who is different from them. He wants to create fear and instability in a very tolerant, harmonious and peaceful country like USA. 
We should stand together, all saying that this behavior is intolerable in our community, and does not represent the inclusive community that we strive to make possible in US. At this tragic time, we strongly reiterate our condemnation of all forms of terror regardless of its perpetrators or their stated purposes and we extend our condolences and prayers to the families and friends of the victims.

RAWA-Houston Panel Discussion and Networking Event

paneldiscussion may12 bannerRaindrop Women's Association, UNICEF USA and United Against Human Trafficking partnered to organize this panel discussion which will focus on issues regarding modern-day slavery, such as direct victim services, community response efforts, policy and advocacy, law enforcement and the legal landscape. We hope that it will help our community to better understand the nature and scope of the problem in our region.

This event is also a networking event for professionals from every walk of life in the area. The program starts with an open buffet dinner. There will also a number of organizations at vendor booths to advertise their programs and services.

Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 6:30pm

Register Here


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